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Vietnam Development Gateway is a technical assistance project within the framework of the Global Information Technology Development Program sponsored by InfoDev, a member organization of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) also known as The World Bank. VnDG's objective is to promote the application of Information and communication technology in socio-economic development in Vietnam, improving life standard of the people.
Website VnDG will try to become an effective tool to provide local and the international community with updated information about Vietnam's progress, needs, development and business strategies, policies, opportunities. It will make contribution to improve the country's image and level of being discovered by potential investors, tourists and people around the world.
At present, the portal is on trial. Please drop a line by for us to make it more effective for you.
Thanks for visit us.
Main content of Vietnam Development Gateway website:
* Welcome to Vietnam: Pressing "Welcome to Vietnam" you will have comprehensive information about Vietnam, including but not limited to Introduction to Vietnam's History, Geography, Culture, Festivals, Demography.
* News: providing development news in all fields of social and economic life.
* Governance: offering information on sectors of Governance Structure and Vietnam Law Database.
* Education and Training: mentioning Vietnam's education system, policies and its strategy and guideline for 2001-2010 and development of education & training in remote area.
* Social Development: including Healthcare, Social Relief, Child Issues, Social Service, Poverty Alleviation and Social Organization.
* Business Economy: introducing economic situation in Vietnam. You can learn about general information ++ in "Strategy and Development Plan". Others subject including Trade, Business, Foreign Investment, Banking Finance, Services and News on economic activities.
* Science, Technology and Environment: mentioning the situation and capacity of Viet Nam in application of information and communication technology for development. The topics are: Environmental Research, Environmental Protection, Legislative Documents, New Technology & New Products and ICT application.
* International Cooperation: offering news and documentation as well as reszults of Vietnam's activities on international arena, relations between Vietnam and international organizations.
Moreover, when you visit website VnDG, you can access to the Development Gateway and other Country Gateway portals to get and learn about knowledge, serving for your development.
Welcome to Vietnam Gateway!

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