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Vietnam Development Gateway – VnDG;

Vietnam Development Gateway VnDG - is a member organization of the Development Gateway for the application of ICT in support of development, poverty alleviation, and reducing the digital divide.Currently, VnDG is a member in the big family of 60 countries of DG.
VnDG is an e-hub gathering, disseminating, and exchanging information and data among ministries, government agencies, learning institutions, national and international organizations, in support of social and economic development, poverty alleviation throughout Vietnam

- To promote the dissemination of quality information and knowledge in an efficient way.
- To facilitate and catalyze the application of the Information and Communication Technology on economic development and alleviation of poverty throughout Vietnam.
- To provide a gateway for more effective communication and cooperation with the international community; to improve the country's image among potential investors, tourists and people around the world.
- To support and supply information rapidly to priority target users, especially farmers and people with disabilities.
- To diversify the sources of revenue to attain self sustainability.

Products and services:
VnDG provides information, provides informations and services through following portals
- Vietnam Development Gateway portal: provides comprehensive information about development issues in Vietnam. VnDG portal is an information channel introducing image of Vietnam to other countries in the world.
- "Special website for Vietnamese farmers": Dedicated to people living in the rural and remote areas with focus on information and knowledge dissemination in support of agricultural and rural development, production structure reform, and poverty alleviation.
- VnDG Campus 21 distance learning portal (with the support and sponsorship of inWEnt - Germany) provides access to learning programs and facilitate communication on development issues, especially low cost training courses for the rural areas, and information on e-learning.
- Employment Facilitation Services portal: provides information on the job market both for the employees and the employers, list of businesses seeking for agents and links to other job services, and provides job seeking service.
- "Special website for People with Disabilities - PWD” – for a society of equal rights and opportunities for the PWD: provides information for people and organizations concerned with PWD, and to the PWD themselves; removes barriers regarding employment for PWD; helps the PWD participate in the workforce and society.
- DgMarket Vietnam: a separately branded website of dgMarket in Vietnam, an electric market place for government procurement information such as tender notices, contract awards, bidding documents, etc. With this website, governmental agencies, private companies can access to an advanced online bidding solution, product suppliers especially small and medium sized businesses can access to trading opportunity all over the world. DgMarket is an advanced solution for developing countries.
- “Farmers ask – Scientists answer”: This gateway is a bridge connecting farmers with scientists. Presently is a consulting service free of charge. All inquiries in production issues, policies on agriculture and rural development of the state are quickly answered by scientists.
- Online forums: Food security – Poverty reduction – Sustainable development, PWD forum…

Information provision through activities:
- Two-way information delivery model for farmers A cooperative effort between the Special website for farmers and the Village Post Office Cultural Center (VPOCC) system. The model aims at supporting rural development and modernizing the production method. It has been successfully tested in Ninh Binh Province (2005), and Thai Binh Province (2006). Leaders of the two provinces have highly appreciated the program and directed local authorities to extend the model to the whole province.
- Two-way information delivery model for PWD In cooperation with self-help organizations, and associations, the program makes full use of equipment invested in existing projects to enhance PWD’s integration with the community.
- To organize training courses on technology transfer for farmers in support of production structure reform.
- To organize conferences and workshops
- To look for fund and revenue sources
- To train local officers, farmers, and PWD in basic computer skill and Internet usage
- To organize training courses for community: VnDG is cooperating with inWent to train the second course on HIV/AIDS on VnDG Campus 21.

Other services
- Consultancy, research, development and implementation of technology transfer projects. Web-designing, advertisement, computer training.

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