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  Social Organizations

The Hochiminh Communist Youth Union

The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union is the socio-political organisation of the Vietnamese youth and is established, led and trained by the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh.
The HCYU has a legal status, an account and a seal of its own.

Ideal and purpose of the HCYU

The HCYU gathers progressive youths aged 15-30, irrespective of their ethnicity, religion and social background, who voluntarily strive for building Vietnam into an independent, democratic and prosperous country following the socialist path and Ho Chi Minh’s ideal, as well as for the sake of the youth’s civilized life-style and happiness.

Function of the HCYU

The HCYU has three functions as follows:

- It is the reliable reserve force for the Communist Party of  Vietnam (CPV)

- It is the socialist school for the youth; generating good conditions for them to take part in beneficial activities of the country and helping them grow full-fledged and make contributions to the nation.

- It is the representative and protector of the legitimate and lawful rights of the youth.

The role, position and relationship of the HCYU in society

The HCYU is a member in the Party’s political system, under the framework of the Constitution and other laws. In this system, the CPV is the leader and HCYU is one of its members.

- In relation with the CPV: Operating under the direct leadership of the CPV, the HCYU is the reliable reserve force for the Party, supplying it with personnel to the requirements of its political tasks.

- In relation with the State: The HCYU is the reliable mainstay of the State in the course of building socialism and defending the socialist country. The HCYU associates and co-ordinates with other agencies and mass organisations so as to achieve an aggregate synergy in educating, training, protecting and forging the younger generations.

- In relation with youth social organisations and movements: The HCYU plays the core role in the organisation and operation of Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF), Vietnam Association of Students (VAS) and other collective members of the VYF.

- In relation with the Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneers Organisation (HYPO): Being in charge of the HYPO, the Union undertakes of building this organisation, selecting, training and fostering the cadres working with small children, and assisting financial and other facilities to the HYPO’s operation.

Brief history of the HCYU

The HCYU was established on the 26th March 1931. Initially called the Indochinese Communist Youth Union, it was later renamed several times:

1936-1939: Indochina Democratic Youth Union
1939-1941: Indochina Anti-Imperialist Youth Union
1941-1956: Youth Union for National Salvation
1956-1970: Vietnam Labour Youth Union
1970-1976: Ho Chi Minh Labour Youth Union
1976-up to now: Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union
With a small membership at birth, the HCYU has rapidly grown attracting lots of young people who have made brilliant contributions to the course of national liberation, unification, as well as of building and defending the socialist motherland of Vietnam.
Nowadays, with 3.504.212 members, the HCYU continues to mobilize the youth all over the country and to organise them into the vanguard in the course of doi moi (renovation) to strive for the objectives of a wealthy people, a powerful nation, a civilised and equitable society, and for the youth’s happiness and future

The major action programmes of the HCYU

To welcome the 21st century, many action programmes have been devised by the HCYU and are being carried out. Following are some main programmes in brief:
1. To provide youths with ideological education and engage them in building an advanced culture imbued with national identity.
2. To have youths study creatively and master science and technology.
3. To have youths volunteer in the implementation of key national programmes and projects.
4. To have youths help each other in self-establishment and participate in socio-economic development.
5. To have youths carry out national defence duty.
6. To protect, care for and educate children.
7. To integrate with the international youth and strengthen international relations of the youth union.

 Organisational structure of HCYU

The top leading body of the HCYU is the Nation-wide congress which convenes every five years. The Congress elects the Central Executive Committee of the Union (CEC). The plenum of the CEC elects the first secretary, other secretaries and members of the standing committee, and the central inspection committee.

The CEC is assisted by 13 functional and technical departments, 7 newspapers and magazines, two publishing houses, one TV centre and one radio programme for children, three operational and tourist centres, two cadre-training schools, one research institute, and seven youth economic enterprises.
The Youth Union Committees of cities, provinces, districts and equivalent units are assisted by respective functional and technical boards.

- (02/10/2003)

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