Today: 18 Dec 2004
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Volunteer doctors' works in remote communes

Over 43,000 adults have been given medical check-ups and treatment and over 30,000 children vaccinated. This is the result of activities of 14 volunteer medical workers and doctors in mountainous areas in Ninh Thuan province. In addition, these young medical workers and doctors have instructed young people in the remote and mountainous areas with ways to care for the health of their families as well as the whole community.

Being an under-developed province, Ninh Thuan has 59 communes and wards, in which two thirds are in remote and mountainous areas. Therefore, health care for local people poses a great challenge because backward customs and rituals are still deeply rooted in local people's lives.

To encourage the spirit of 14 volunteer medical workers, the province has provided doctors with VND 400,000 per month and a medical workers with VND 300,000. In addition, the province has arranged comfortable accommodation for them so that they can focus well on their work. Having arrived in the poor communes, the volunteer doctors started disseminating information on measures to prevent diseases from spreading among local people.

They and local medical workers visited every household to guide people to follow safe hygiene lifestyles. They have opened 28 training courses for local people to help prevent diseases in the summer months. They have also gathered local young people and medical workers to instruct ways to control and cope with diseases. After the flood in December 2003 and the bird flu epidemic early this year, the young doctors have trained local people to take measures for disease prevention and control.

The volunteer doctors have also called for pregnant women not to have their deliveries in the at huts on terraced fields. In addition, the young volunteer doctors have organised activities attracting young local people, which include football, art performances, valley-ball, etc. The young volunteer doctors have also played key roles in many social activities.

ND - (28/04/2004)

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