Today: 31 Dec 2005
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Ha Noi 14 - 18 oC
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  Enviroment Research & Protection

Japan helps Viet Nam with eco-conscious development

A two-day conference opened in Ha Noi, designed to highlight environmental conservation, sustainable development strategies and government policy in Viet Nam.

Co-hosted by the Ministry of Industry (MoI) and the Japanese International Centre for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT), the workshop is entitled Environmental Conservation and Cleaner Production.

Participants examined methodologies on using information technology to improve the quality of industrial development, and explored ways to incorporate sustainable environmental planning into the National Development Plan.

The workshop consisted of several modules, each designed to explicate relevant topics such as Environmental Management Systems (EMS), cleaner production techniques, technology transfer, and integrated process, production and service management.

The paradigm of Japanese development was used to demonstrate how these aspects can be successfully implemented. Central to this is ensuring close liaison of different government departments and agencies with the private sector.

Organisers hope in this way to strengthen the institutional and professional capabilities of the government of Viet Nam, particularly the MoI, Department of Science and Technology and the Department of Industry, through better process management and with an integrated preventive environmental strategy.

Co-operation between MoI and ICETT started a decade ago, with the Japan International Co-operation Agency sponsored Master Plan Study for Industrial Pollution Prevention in Viet Nam.

This years attendees were mostly government officials, engineers, environmental planners and business leaders, who were joined by experts from the Philippines, Australia and Japan, as well as representatives from the United Nation Environment Programme.

They conducted a study tour to examine industrial facilities operating around Ha Noi, and will contribute their ideas to the Integrated Research and Capacity Building Project for Environmentally Friendly Networks in Asian Countries.

vietnamnews - (05/09/2005)

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