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Industry wastes dump’s full potential

The introduction of a new industrial waste treatment park hopes to help cure a serious pollution problem caused by a growing emergence of industrial zones and factories in Ha Noi and in the port city of Hai Phong. The problem is the owners of these factories seem unconcerned with the pollution and few opt to use the park to treat their industrial garbage.

Beginning with an investment of VND75 billion (US$4.77 million), the first ever industrial waste treatment park was built by the Ha Noi Urban Environment Company (URENCO) in Soc Son, 50km outside the city. The Nam Son park was built to treat the chemical discharges from factories and keep the surrounding environment safe.

The first phase of the park included one bury hole, one incinerator, two liquid treatment houses and a warehouse containing industrial wastes.

The director of URENCO’s Environmental Technique Consult Centre, Pham Van Duc, said the first phrase enabled the park to treat 250 tonnes of industrial waste a day; however only 50 per cent of its capacity is ever used.

A survey conducted by Ha Noi Construction College indicates that about 250 tonnes of industrial waste are released from Ha Noi’s factories a day, not to mention a huge amount of other wastes released by the industrial zones surrounding Ha Noi and Hai Phong.

An official from URENCO’s Planning and Investment Department said that out of 355 businesses operating in Ha Noi, Sai Dong and Nam Thang Long that produce industrial waste, only 45 have signed contracts with URENCO to safely treat their garbage.

Many businesses still opt to keep their waste products in containers or use their own treatment systems. When the containers are full, they then pay for transportation services to haul them away.

Unfortunately, most garbage collection companies do not separate wastes before they are transported to dumping sites.

As a result, the treatment park has yet to be used to its full capacity even though it began operation in June of last year.

A decision handed down by the Ha Noi’s People’s Committee No152/QD-UB in September requires that industrial wastes be dumped at the Soc Son industrial waste treatment park.

However, the lenient enforcement of the regulation has resulted in hesitancy among businesses to send their solid wastes to the park.

Duc said the park is able to meet the demand for treatment of all industrial wastes produced in factories in Ha Noi.

He said the incinerator can treat 5 tonnes a day at a temperature of 1,1500C . The park’s smoke is then treated with three pieces of equipment to ensure poisonous toxins are not released into the air.

Solid, liquid, chemical, and electronic waste treatment systems are also installed in the park.

Duc said the park will be equipped with all made-in-Viet Nam technologies including eight bury holes, three incinerators, an industrial liquid treatment system, two water treatment lakes and a warehouse containing industrial wastes. The entire project will be completed by 2010.

It is expected to be the main dumping site for all industrial wastes in north Viet Nam, with a capacity of 750 tonnes a day.

"We offer transportation services with standardised hygienic containers ensuring the safe transportation of 200 tonnes and 50 cu.m of liquid waste a day," Duc continued.

Duc also said URENCO provides consultation, training and the transfer of technologies in treating industrial wastes.

"We are also planning to build a similar industrial waste treatment park for factories and industrial zones in the south," he said.

VNCG-VDC1 - (12/11/2004)

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