Today: 26 Oct 2005
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  Enviroment Research & Protection

Science still seeks answers

Does your ministry have a mechanism to research these phenomena to help ordinary people understand them? It is the responsibility of scientists to shed light on strange phenomena [like those] reported from some places, such as the village where houses caught fire in Quang Nam in central Viet Nam, the "burning" stone in the Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands), the "healing" garden in Long An Province in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta region and landslides in the northern Lao Cai Province.

But not all strange phenomena occur naturally – some of them are caused by human beings. Scientists claim there are still many secrets remaining hidden in the world of nature and human beings. [However, it is known that] the instability in the earth’s structure causes earthquakes, landslides and other phenomena. Global warming causes the floods in the Mekong and Red rivers and the central region. Sudden changes in micro-organisms affect plants and animals. To probe further into the natural world and initiate measures to prevent and mitigate natural disasters, the government has launched a National Programme for Environmental Protection and Natural Calamity Mitigation, or KC-08. The ministry has also conducted many projects to find out answers to the strange phenomena occurring across the country. Providing timely and correct information on strange incidents is very important. Yet, if they are connected with people and national security, like the Quang Nam village where houses mysteriously caught fire, it requires us to tread carefully in the interest of social stability and safety. The Ministry of Science and Technology is more than willing to quickly provide reliable information on strange incidents through the mass media. We understand a research institute on strange phenomena will be established soon. What will be its functions and missions? The ministry has entrusted the Viet Nam Institute for Science and Technology – at its president’s suggestion – with researching strange phenomena happening anywhere in the country. The ministry is utterly confident that with its capable scientists and researchers, the institute will be able to fulfil this task. That is why there is no need at present to establish an agency for the sole purpose of conducting research on strange phenomena.

Vienam Economic Review - (05/11/2004)

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