Today: 6 Nov 2005
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  Enviroment Research & Protection

Orientations to develop forests by 2010

The country will raise the total acreage of key protected forests to 5.4 million ha by 2005 and to 6 million ha by 2010 with 5.6 million ha of upstream protected forest, and 180,000 ha of coastal protected forest, according to the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

To zone off the key protected forests, the ministry has worked out three orientations to develop. Firstly, they will use a programme of bio-forestry, suitable for each ecological site, to protect and make use of forest resources. Secondly, regulations will be introduced to ensure local people's profit from protected forests and that they actively engage in managing, protecting and developing systems of protected forests. Thirdly, the ministry will encourage planting protected forests on bare hills, sandy areas and other areas under the method of agriculture-forestry combination.

As for the upstream protected forests, the forestry sector will, from now until 2005, check up on and re-arrange projects to develop forests at basins of rivers in the northern mountainous region, the northern central region, the southern central region and the Central Highlands.

The sector will focus on restoring and newly planting protected forests in the central coastal region and southeastern area and the Mekong Delta with the aim of improving the capability of forests in wave prevention, sea encroachment, protection of ecological systems for mangroved forests.

VNA - (08/09/2004)

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