Today: 10 Nov 2007
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  ICT applications

Applying high technology in community health care

Over the past five years, Vietnam has successfully applied high technology in the treatment of some irremediable diseases. This is also a success of a scientific and technological programme for community health care which has been carried out by the Ministry of Science and Technology and some other committees and agencies.

The programme was aimed at renovating and developing high technology in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and production in order to improve the quality and prices of health care services. The programme has helped the Vietnamese health care sector keep pace with the world in terms of technology in community health care.

Vietnam successfully conducted a liver transplant on humans for the first time. This opened a new path to research and a new method of treatment for patients who suffer from bile and liver diseases in the final stage. This procedure is considered one of the ten biggest advancements of the 20th century.

According to initial estimates, it takes about 30-50 thousand USD to carry out a liver transplant in Vietnam. If it is carried out in a foreign country, patients may have to pay between 100-150 thousand USD. The success of the first liver transplant has marked a turning point in the Vietnamese health care sector. In the two years since that first liver transplant, three health care establishments in Vietnam have acquired the facilities to carry out liver transplants on humans.

The programme completed the advanced technology process for the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases, which meets international standards.

In addition, Vietnam has also applied biological technology in growing fibroblast and horn cells for burn treatment, an advanced procedure that has just begun to be applied in some Southeast Asian countries.

The programme also supported the research and application of advanced technology in the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer in many provinces and cities, contributing to reducing the overload in central hospitals and improving the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

Communist Party of Vietnam - (10/07/2006)

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