Today: 19 Oct 2007
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  New Technology & new products

Vietnam to produce biodiesel from cooking oil

The Research Centre for Petrochemical Technology in HCM City will conduct a two-year pilot project to produce biodiesel from waste cooking oil.

Under the project, waste cooking oil will be processed into biodiesel, and then mixed with diesel to a ratio of 20 : 80 to produce cheap diesel at about 6,000-7,000 VND per litre as compared to the current market price of VND7,900 per litre, according to Dr Nguyen Huu Luong from the centre,

The project, due to commence later this year, will produce up to two tonnes of biodiesel-petrodiesel mixture per day; the amount of mixture depends on the volume of collected waste cooking oil.

Leftover cooking oil after the biodiesel production can also be used to make soap and fuel oil, Mr Luong added.

The collection of cooking oil this way will be useful to restaurants, hotels and food processing factories in Ho Chi Minh City and adjacent areas as it can reduce pollutant waste discharged from them by thousands of tonnes every year.

VOV - (04/07/2006)

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