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New Product Designed to Combat Negative Health Effects of Exposure to Polluted Waters Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 November, 2005 : - - (Newport Beach, Calif.)

With beach closures in the news everyday, and a reported 3.5 million people getting sick annually from swimming in contaminated waters, a new product called Ocean Solution has emerged to combat the adverse health effects of the nation’s epidemic water contamination problem.

Ocean Solution is a dietary supplement designed to kill the bacteria commonly found in oceans, lakes and rivers, and promotes wellness for those exposed to polluted waters.  Essential for use by avid water enthusiasts such as surfers, water-skiers, swimmers, scuba divers, and lifeguards who commonly complain of sore throats, skin infection, reoccurring sinus infections, and other symptoms associated with domestic sewage run off, Ocean Solution is also a necessary protection for children, parents and tourists. 


Ocean Solution is a user-friendly, aerosol-pump spray which can be either sprayed orally or applied as a topical treatment to prevent infections resulting from coral cuts and other minor abrasions incurred while in the water.  The main active ingredient of Ocean Solution, colloidal silver, is an age-old, all-natural antibiotic that has been used since the late 1930s. Now, for the first time ever, it has been packaged to meet the needs of water enthusiasts. Colloidal silver works by disabling the oxygen system of the invading pathogen – essentially suffocating the bacteria that make you sick. As validated by recent studies by the



North Texas





, colloidal silver is confirmed to effectively kill at least 16 common forms of waterborne bacteria including staph, strep, salmonella and e.coli.


When combined with the trend toward increased resistance to antibiotics and emerging infectious diseases this becomes increasingly important. Veteran waterman and founder of Rogue Wave Products, Jason Johnson, an expert with more than 25 years in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry, created Ocean Solution after growing weary of seeing the effects of contaminated waters within his friends, family and the local surf community. “Living in

Southern California

, none of us are strangers to beach closures due to sewage contamination levels that exceed health standards – during rainy season and throughout the year,” said Johnson. “Pollution and water contamination threaten the way we enjoy the beauty and recreation our lakes, oceans and rivers have always offered.


Until these problems are addressed by government and environmental protection agencies, Ocean Solution provides a necessary protection so water enthusiasts can continue to swim and play in good health.” Ocean Solution is already being embraced by such well-known surf-industry legends as Tak Kawahara and Steve Farwell.  “Since I’ve been using Ocean Solution it’s the first time I can remember being completely free of sinus problems after a session,” reports Farwell.   Ocean Solution is an all-natural dietary supplement with no side effects and is safe for use by all ages. Its main ingredient, colloidal silver, is proven to combat at least 16 waterborne illness causing pathogens commonly found in polluted waters. Ocean Solution’s suggested retail price is $11.95 for a 4 oz. bottle. Ocean Solution can be found on the shelves of local

Southern California

retailers and on the Web at

globalsurfnews - (09/12/2005)

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