Today: 10 Nov 2007
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  New Technology & new products

FPT to introduce made-in-Vietnam game

FPT is developing online game based on Vietnam’s Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh and Magic Crossbow legends.

The product will have two versions, one in Vietnamese and one in English, to serve both the domestic market and for export.

Players can join the game in the role of combatant, powwow, or monster, to participate in battles, where hundreds of soldiers compete with fighting skills and tactical combination against their companions.

22 young people are developing the game, named ‘Chaos’, including Truong Hai Nam, designer and production manager, who said “the setting and plot are totally fictitious but contain details of Vietnamese legendary world”.

“Playing the part of characters in a game designed by ourselves is very interesting,” said a group member; “however, our biggest difficulty is time; we need more human resources for design, music composition, and other professional tasks,” he said.

The soundtrack for Chaos, including background, theme, and sound effects are being compiled by the group, combining Vietnamese and western classical music.

According to Mr Nam, the game was inspired by a game named Shogun, which won a prize at the Vietnam Intellectual Contest 2003. The game will be tested at the end of the year and a Close beta version will be presented in June 2006.

VIETNAMNET - (27/10/2005)

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