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Development strategy of science, technology and industry in post and telecommunication

Efforts have been made to devise a development strategy of science, technology and industry in the post and telecommunications sector till the year 2020. The strategy is aimed at making the sector match advanced technological level in the region so that the sector is capable of undertaking the execution of the National Information Infrastructure programme. The foundation of this national information infrastructure programme is a broad band of integrated services digital network (B-ISDN) based on the ATM and SDH technology and the broad band access.

To this end Vietnm's Post and Telecommunications sector has been employing proper and appropriate technology suitable to Vietnam's specific conditions.


Regarding telecommunications technology, it is a need to shift gradually from the integrated service digital network (ISDN) to the broad band integrated service digital network (B-ISDN) so as to create pre-requisites to develop a B-ISDN network between now and 2000. This is an effort to form Vieät Nam's information highway. The phase between 2001 and 2010 will be reserved for extension of the ISDN and gradually shifting to the B-ISDN.


The 2011 and 2020 period will be exclusive for a basical completion of building infrastructure for the plan called National Information Infrastructure (NII) through the application of the new technologies of ATM/B-ISDN and the fibre optical cable technology.


Switching technology: Between now and 2010 efforts will be made to expand and upgrade the existing data transmission network using an express package switching technology in order to provide high speed data transmission services. The 2011-2020 period will witness the completion of building and installing of ATM switchboards in local networks to provide subscribers with the B-ISDN services. At the same time efforts will be made to introduce optical switching systems to nodes of main trunks.


Transmission technology: Preparations are being made to launch Vietnam's own satellite to the orbit by 2001. The satellite will help cover the transmission of Vietnam's radio and television throughout the nation's territory while enabling the rural telecommunications network to work effectively. It is also used to provide services to the national defence and security and reserve channels to the public telecommunication network. At the same time efforts will be made to replace the entire national transmission network with optical fibre transmission lines, using the technology of SDH. By 2010 optical fibre transmission lines can be extended to the village level.

Network access technology: Efforts will be made to complete the building of wireless local loop technology of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) or Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) so as to make this technology support network access. Meanwhile experiment will be conducted to extend optical fibre transmission line to major subscribers. The 2001-2010 period will see the extension of technology Fibre to the Building (FTTB) or Fibre to the Curve (FTTC) and the experiment of extanding the broad band and optical wireless local loop.


The 2011-2020 period will witness the construction of local optical fibre area networks to the curves or to the homes of subscribers to provide multi media services.

Mobile telephone technology: Technologies CDMA and W-CDMA will be introduced by 2010 while information technology through satellite will be applied. Meanwhile efforts will be made to deploy a two-way paging system and a voice message system. The 2011-2020 period will be reserved for building the broad band mobile phone systems as well as integrating fixed and mobile telecommunication networks to form a complete private information network.

Postal technology: Between now and 2000 information technology will be applied at provincial postal offices; automatic process will be applied in postal sorting in major cities and postal deliveries to the districts will be made through motorised vehicles.


Between 2001 and 2010 information technology will be expanded to district post offices while automatic sorting and motorised deliveries will be made available to village post offices. Meanwhile a modal post office at the village level will be experimented to help make a village post office.


Post-telecommunications industry development: Efforts will be made to build a modern industry in service of the post and telecommunication sector to meet rising demand for domestic consumption and for export with an orientation of expanding the post and telecommunication services.

Mindful of its intention to provide greater information services to the public the Post and Telecommunication of Vietnam has devised a plan to develop short-term service development scheme till 2000 and long-term plans until 2010 and 2020.


The short-term scheme until 2000 will be aimed at:

  •  Continuing to improve the provision of services and expand service areas to rural areas, mountain and off shore islands;

  •  Expanding the Internet network to all the 61 provinces and cities by the end of 2000 with priority given to research institutes and universities. Prices of subscription to Internet should be calculated reasonably so that the services can be used among a proportion of the population accounting for 0.3 per cent and 0.5 per cent of the total population.

  •  Expanding the coverage area of telecommunication services relating to video conferencing and image telephone. Furthermore efforts will be made to initially develop other services relating to local area network (LAN) and Wire Area Network (WAN) through high speech data transmission networks.


The plans after 2000 are to:

  •  popularise basic postal and telecommunications services for use in social-economic development in rural areas, mountain and off shore islands to improve the general educational knowledge of the population.

  •  expand the coverage area of services providing Internet, electronic trading, and multi media services such as video conferencing and local area network.

  •  develop video correspondence and other video services , hi-fi television services and hi-fi radio broadcasting for public use.

  • develop strongly financial postal services.

- (29/07/2003)

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