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International Relations

Cooperation and Information exchange with more than 120 institutes, organizations, libraries and companies in more 40 countries in the world such as ACCT, BIEF (Banque Internationale d�€™ Information sur les Etats Francophones - Canada), SAREC/SIDA (Swedish Agency of Research Cooperation with Developing Countries/Swedish International Development Agency), AIT (Asia Technology Institute), KINITI (Korea�€™s Technology and Information Insitute), FAXON (United States),...


- Member of the following international organizations:

· UNESCO - PGI: General Information Program - Paris, France

· IFLA: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions- The Netherlands

· ASTINFO: Regional Network for the Exchange of Information and Experience in Science and Technology in Asia and the Pacific - Bangkok, Thailand

· APCTT/ESCAP: Asian and Pacific Center for Transfer of Technology - New Delhi, India

· AIESI: French Training Institutes Federation on Information - France

· MXNTI: International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information - Moscow, Russia

· FID: International Federation of Information and Documentation

- Focal point of the following international organizations:

· UNIDO/INTIB: Bank of information technology and industry - Vienna, Autria

· APINMAP: Information network on Aromatic and Medicinal Plant - Manila, Philippines

· INFOTERRA: the Global Environment Information Network of UNEP - Nairobi,Kenia

· ENSICNET/ADB: Information network on providing water and environment sanitary - Bangkok, Thailand

- Regional Centre of BIEF/ACCT: Banque Internationale d�€™Information sur les Etats Francophones - Canada

- Centre of storage and dissemination of FAO documents

- The dissemination point of UNESCO�€™s CDS/ISIS, IDAM programs - (27/07/2003)

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