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Vietnam's Education: The Current Position and Future Prospects

Although still a poor country with low per capita income and years in war, Vietnam has unceasingly recorded its great achievements in education.

In 1997, there were 22 million pupils all over the country. Among them, 13.2 million in primary schools (accounting for 58%), 4.3 million in secondary schools, and 26,000 in colleges and universities. The literacy rate in Vietnam was high (92% of the population). 8% was illiteracy, among them 80% living in remote areas and 60% female. State budget assigned for education was considerably increased in the last 2 years, taking about 10% of the total, in which 70% - 80% were used for paying salary to teachers. Budget share for education is projected to reach 15% by the year 2000. The private sector took bout 40% of total direct expenses, of which the larget part was spent for the kindergarten and education basis (about 60%). The basic expenditure for primary schools took about 50%, specialised secondary school about 19% and professional and vocational about 12% of the total expenses. Besides having trained qualified and skilled workers, the Vietnamese education also has produced world-wide well-known scientists such as Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu, Mr. Tran Dai Nghia, Mr. Ton That Tung etc... The communist party and Vietnamese government always attaches great attention to education. In the resolution of the Second session of Central Committee of VIIIth Congress, the Communist Party of Vietnam regarded education and development of science and technics and technology as an important strategy of the country. Despite of these archievements, the Vietnamese Education System is still facing many difficulties. Many schools and equipped teaching materials not timely updated, teachers have not been qualified as required, and millions of children are still out of school. What must give special attention to, is the education and training policy.

- (04/08/2003)

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