Today: 18 May 2006
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Appropriate investment structure brings high export turnover in four months

In the past four months, Vietnam earned US$12.11 billion in export turnover, up 25.1 percent over the same period from a year earlier. If the impressive growth is maintained in the remaining months, the possibility of fulfilling the first-year plan for the 2006-2010 period will be within reach.


Vietnam – one of the world’s leading rice exporters

Vietnam exported 1.4 million tonnes of rice for the first time in 1989 to earn US$310 million. The country’s annual rice yield then increased by one million tonnes for the next 10 consecutive years. Last year, Vietnam shipped 5.2 million tonnes to net US$1.4 billion.


Vietnam, China see robust development in trade relations

Relations between Vietnam and China have developed well in all aspects in recent years. Along with political ties, economic and trade co-operation is regarded as a highlight.



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