Today: 14 Apr 2005
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Vietnamese tea secures firm foothold in Russia

The Vietnam Tea Association and the Russian Tea and Coffee Association have met to discuss ways to increase Vietnam's tea exports to Russia. The two associations have signed a memorandum of understanding, under which Russia will help Vietnam obtain a target export volume of 15,000 tonnes of tea to Russia, or 10 percent of the country's tea import volume, by 2010.


What measures for sustainable development of pepper industry?

Pepper corn production and export of Vietnam have been witnessing strong development for recent years. At the moment, Vietnam is the world leading country in terms of pepper corn export volume and turnover.


Vietnam aims for blooming flower export industry by 2010

Vietnam has devised a plan to develop flower planting and ornamental trees by 2010. Accordingly, the country will export around 100-150 million flowers and ornamental trees, earning US$300 million. Whether the plan is feasible and how farmers, businesspeople and scientists react to it is set to become a big issue in the agricultural sector.



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