Today: 28 Nov 2004
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Eight Japanese non-refundable projects proposed

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has submitted to the Prime Minister a list of eight development projects to benefit from Japanese non-refundable aid in the 2006 fiscal year. Total investment of the proposed projects is 58.5 million USD.


Viet Nam revises four tax policies in favour of investors

Value added tax (VAT) and taxes on enterprise income, high- income earners, and import-export operations are subject to the recent revision which was made public by the General Department of Tax on Wednesday.


New opportunities for investors

Vietnam is determined to provide a stable and consistent investment environment for domestic and foreign investors, enabling them to feel safe when investing for a long term in Vietnam. It also pledged to facilitate foreign investment in law, real estate, banking, aviation, telecommunications, insurance, auditing, tax consultancy, stock market and trading services.



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