Today: 5 Jan 2006
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Bird flu vaccinations stepped up throughout the country

Over the past two years, the bird flu epidemic has caused great losses for the livestock breeding industry and the national economy. The disease can exist in poultry for a long time, and accordingly it threatens to cause a bird flu epidemic on a large scale. Vaccination is one of the most effective remedies to prevent a recurrence of bird flu.


Vietnam’s efforts in avian flu prevention

Speaking at a meeting of the National Steering Board for Controlling and Preventing SARS and Dangerous Epidemics in Hanoi on September 28, Deputy Health Minister Trinh Quan Huan declared that no one had contracted avian flu type A caused by the H5N1 virus in Vietnam since July 25, 2005.


Son La Province succeeds in vaccinating women, children

The northern mountainous province of Son La has succeeded in vaccinating 95% of pregnant women and children under the National Vaccination Programme, thanks to efforts of the provincial health centres and grassroots health workers.



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