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The feast to seek fortune by the Red Dao

Over thousands of years of national construction and defence, the ethnic people along the northern border have created a rich and diverse cultural tradition, of which festivals are considered an important factor in their spiritual life with unique and distinctive features.


Communal house celebration of the Gia Rai

Customarily, after the completion of the construction of the " nha rong" (communal house), the Gia Rai, as well as a few other ethnic groups in the Western Highlands, celebrate buffalo-meat feasts. Planting a "cot gung" (bamboo-pole) and tying a buffalo to it is the first item on the ceremony.


Cham people weave more colours into Vietnam’s

The Cham is one of the 54 ethic groups in Vietnam, comprising about 133,000 people who live mainly in the central and southern regions of Vietnam. The Cham has many clans: Cham-Ba La Mon (Brahmanism), Cham-Hroi (Cham-Ba Ni) and Cham-Islam. Besides the indigenous religion, the Cham also follow Islam and Brahmanism. They live in separate villages but preserve and practice their diverse range of customs and rituals.



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