Today: 5 Jan 2006
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Central Highlanders preserve instruments for the future

The Cong and Chieng, both types of gongs, are musical instruments of cultural value from Vietnam’s Central Highlands. The bronze instruments are often plated with gold or black brass. The Cong has a centred nipple while Chieng is flat with a different sound.


Brau ethnic group preserves dwindling culture

The Brau have led a nomadic life for generations. They use slash- and-burn techniques to grow rice, maize and cassava with simple production tools like axes, knives and seeding sticks, which result in low yields. They live in traditional stilt houses.


Ca Tru

Young people now enjoy new music that comes to them from the radio, television, audio and video tapes, as well as compact discs. So, do they still show any attachment to the old folk tunes so loved by their elders, such as the melodies of ca tru? Ca tru is a musical genre that calls for expertise as well as sensibility on the part of the listeners. In return, it provides the most refined enjoyment.



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