Today: 26 Nov 2004
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Villagers revive ancient bai choi folk songs and card game

People of all ages and classes flock together dur-ing the Spring Festival in the rural central region to play Bai choi (card game in huts). One of the locals’ favourite amusements, spectators not only watch players draw their cards, but also listen to the melodious bai choi folk songs that accompany the game, distinguishing it from all other folk entertainment.


Ê-Go Thap, a treasure trove of history

Dong Thap in the heart of the Mekong Delta is more than just a rice basket; the province is full of archeological interest and there’s no place better than Go Thap for digging up the distant past.


Bat Trang ceramics keep tradition alive

The 100- year-old pottery village of Bat Trang is located 13 km southeast of Hanoi. In recent decades, the vitality of this village could be seen by thousands of pottery kiln fired up day and night. For more than half a century, Bat Trang ceramics have been well known for worship used in and in daily life including bowls, dishes, pots, cups, wine pots, vases and leg lamps. The village’s wares are sold throughout the country and abroad.



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