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Co Am village - home to many scholars and talents

From time immemorial, children in Co Am village have grown up cherishing the lullabies sung by their mothers and grandmothers. The lullabies depict the pride of their learning tradition, come into their dreams and become reality when they grow up. Dao Thi Lan Phuong from Co Am village is a first year student at the Hanoi Foreign Trade University. She won a gold medal in this year’s French language Contest for ASEAN students.


Kim Long village attracts visitors with rich cultural heritage

In Kim Long village, each cottage is made from the harmony of mossy roofs and walls and hundreds of years old trees. Such a scene, combined with the elegant lifestyle of the people, makes the beautiful picture of Hue cottage architecture.


Non Nuoc carves a reputation for marble handicrafts

The village lies at the foot of the sacred Ngu Hanh Son Range, whose name literally translates as Five Mountains, as it is named after the five elemental forces of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth according to Oriental philosophy.



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