Today: 25 Dec 2004
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  Banking Finance

VFC now second largest financial company

VFC specialises in loans destined for Vinashin members.

With fresh chartered capital totalling VND70bil, the Vinashin Financial Company (VFC) has become the second biggest financial company in Vietnam.

Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam Tran Minh Tuan has approved the VFC, a member of the Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (Vinashin) to increase its chartered capital by VND20bil in the fiscal year 2004, raising its total chartered capital to VND70bil, second highest among financial companies in Vietnam.

The Oil and Gas Financial Company is Vietnam's largest financial company with a chartered capital of VND100bil. VFC now rubs shoulders with the Post Financial Company, both equal in chartered capital at VND70bil.

VFC specialises in loans destined for Vinashin members, providing financial services and technology among other products.

Vietnam Net - (10/08/2004)

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