Today: 20 May 2006
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Vietnam's construction on way of integration

The first international fair on building materials and internal decoration Viconstruct 2006 will be held in Hanoi from 25th to 29th April. The organizing board announced the information at a press conference on 20th April.

Currently, building, building materials and internal decorations are key sectors in the process of the country's modernization and industrialization and will continue to be in the near future. These are sectors with potential and need lots of support from the Government, relevant associations.

The Vietnam Association of Building Materials will cooperate with the Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Center, the Advertisement and Fair Company (under the Ministry of Trade) to organize the event. Viconstruct 2006 has received the consideration and support of the Ministries of Construction, Trade, Culture and Information and other relevant agencies. The event will be a site for the gathering of leading domestic and international entrepreneurs in the field of building material and internal decorations such as the Song Da Corporation, the Vietnam Cement Corporation, the Vietnam Construction Export and Import Corporation (VINACONEX)

As the low quality of apartments and buildings has resulted in the loss of a lot of capital, the participation of domestic testing and valuating agencies in the event shows the serious consideration by the Vietnam construction sector of the problem.

This event will also be a chance for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to exchange information, seek opportunities. On the sideline of the event, some seminars also will be organized with the participation of leading experts and managers in the fields of construction consultant and quality testing.

The organizing board will also present "Leading products and trademarks" awards to some participants in order to encourage and honor entrepreneurs having recorded significant achievements in improving, accelerating the quality as well as designing new products.

This is the first Viconstruct in a small size, so it its attracting few international corporations from Indonesia, China, Germany, and Russia.

Besides the annual Vietbuild construction exhibition, the organizing board hopes that Viconstruct 2006 will active contribute to the further development of the Vietnam's construction sector in the near future.

Communist Party of Vietnam - (21/04/2006)

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