Today: 15 Jun 2004
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City gives PM plan for industry overhaul

HCM City has submitted plans to Prime Minister Phan Van Khai for the industrial development of the municipality between now and 2020, the director of the city’s industry department, Nguyen Van Lai, has said.

Lai said the plans, drawn up jointly by the municipality and the Ministry of Industry’s Industrial Strategy and Policy Research Institute, included a proposal for the municipality to take over the management of State-owned firms which now operate with capital provided from the national budget.

Some companies in the city receive investment from the national budget and are managed by the Ministry of Industry, while others are funded by capital from the municipal budget and managed locally, said Nguyen The Mang, head of the department’s Planning and Investment Division.Mang said this division had caused problems.

"Lack of co-operation between the State and municipal companies has caused waste in investment, and unhealthy competitiveness between the two sides," he said.

Mang said it was time to remove overlaping and localise management.

"All industrial enterprises in the different economic sectors based in the city should be under the local Industry Department’s management equally," he said.

According to the proposal, the municipal Industry Department will provide management for all industrial activities in the city, including engineering, metallurgy, chemicals, electricity, oil and gas, mineral exploitation and processing.

HCM City will re-zone the entire industrial sector of the city and focus its investment in three key production areas: engineering, electronics, software and chemicals.

Priority will be given to car and boat production, agricultural equipment, processing industries, telecommunications, and locally made computers, and several other sectors.

VNS - (11/06/2004)

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