Today: 16 Jan 2005
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Vietnam’s seafood will obtain more permits for exports

Vietnam will obtain more permits for seafood exports to European Union, Republic of Korea and China by the end of 2005, reported the National Fisheries Quality Assurance and Veterinary Directorate (Nafiqaed).

The EU will accept products from 53 more Vietnamese seafood processors, said Nguyen Tu Cuong, director of the Ministry of Fisheries’ Nafiqaved. He spoke at the ministry’s seminar on seafood quality control recently. Twenty six more enterprises will be able to export to Republic of Korea, he said; and China will welcome exports from 37 more enterprises.

Currently, Republic of Korea accepts exports from 197 Vietnamese seafood businesses and 251 from China, Nafiqaved expects 39 Vietnamese ex[porters will receive permits from Switzerland by the end of next year.

All enterprises that have received permits for the EU, Republic of Korea and the US have operated under international food hygiene saferty standards for facilities and quality products, he added.

The ministry is running inspections to ensure the safety standards of the exports, said Cuong.

However, Vietnamese enterprises should export their products to new markets, such as Republic of Korea and Switzerland, said Vu Van Trieu, director of the ministry’s External Co-operation Department.

Besides that, exports to the US accounted for 33-38 percent of Vietnam’s total export value in 2003, while the EU held just 7 percent of the total. These markets should be tapped further, he said.

The fisheries ministry lists 227 enterprises that meet the ministry’s food hygiene safety standards, and 100 exporters that have reached the EU’s standards, reported Nafiqaved.

Vietnam Agency - (13/08/2004)

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