Today: 13 Dec 2004
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  Policy & Strategy

New customs procedures favour passengers

Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City has announced some new regulations to simplify customs procedures for passengers entering and leaving Vietnam.

Nguyen Hoang Nhut, deputy head of the airport customs office said that as of October 1, 2004, passengers in the following categories do not have to present their customs declaration to the customs office for clearance:

1. Luggage does not exceed the tax exemption level

2. Luggage does not carry goods banned from import or export

3. Luggage does not carry goods sent in before or after the flight

4. Luggage does not carry goods and tools temporarily exported or re-imported

5. Luggage carries foreign currencies and gold below the authorised amount

Passengers in these cases do not need to fill in customs form CHY-2000 from boxes 12-15, but only fill in from boxes 1-11 and sign in box 16.

Customs officers do not need to sign in and mark seals at box 17 of the customs form if passengers’ luggage does not exceed the tax exemption level subject to a Government decision (issued in 2002) and if their imported gifts are subject to duty free allowance. In this case, customs officers will return copy sheets to passengers.

Passengers who want to buy goods at duty-free shops must still fill in the customs form before completing immigration procedures.

Passengers re-entering and re-departing Vietnam without luggage, goods or foreign currencies subject to customs declaration as said above, need only to present their copy sheet of the customs form they filled in when initially departing or entering the country.

Mr Nhut said the new regulations will help streamline customs clearance procedures at the airport. However, it also means that the customs sector will bear more responsibilities and more risks.

To disseminate the new regulations, the sector has printed pamphlets for travel agencies and airports.

VOV - (27/10/2004)

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