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  Policy & Strategy

Vietnam's strategy for socio - economic development in the period 2001 - 2010

1. The overall goals are:

- to bring our country out of underdevelopment; improve noticeably the people�€™s material, cultural and spiritual life; lay the foundations for making ours basically a modern-oriented industrialized country by 2020. To ensure that the human resource, scientific and technological capacities, infrastructure, and economic, defense and security potential be enhanced; the institutions of a socialist-oriented market economy e basically established and the standing of our country on the international arena be heightened.

2.The specific goals are:

- To ensure that by 2010, GDP will have at least doubled the 2000 level.

- To raise substantially our country�€™s Human Development Index (HDI).

- To ensure our endogenous scientific and technological capacities in the application of modern technologies, in approaching to the world standard, and developing on our own in a number of fields, particularly information, biological, new materials and automation technologies.

- The infrastructures are to meet demand of socio-economic development, national defense and security, and to make a step forward.

- The leading role of the state-economic sector is to be enhanced, governing key domains of the economy; state enterprise are to be renewed and developed, ensuring production and business efficiency. The collective economic sector, the individual and small - owner economic sector, the private capitalist economic sector, the state capitalist economic sector and the foreign invested economic sector are all to develop vigorously and durably. The institutions of a socialist-oriented market economy are to be basically established and to operate smoothly and efficiently.

(Excerpts from 9th National Congress Documents - The Gioi Publishers �€“ Hanoi 2001) - (28/07/2003)

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