Today: 5 Jan 2006
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Vinashin wins contract to build seven more 53,000-tonne ships for Britain

The Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (Vinashin) has signed a contract to build seven more 53,000-tonne ships for export to Britain.

The move brings the number of 53,000-tonne cargo vessels Vinashin has contracted to build for British customers to 17.

In addition, Vinashin has received orders to build 14 cargo ships with capacities ranging from 8,700-34,000 tonnes, four 700 TEU container vessels and two shells for 4,000-tonne cargo ships for British, Japanese and German customers.

The corporation has so far this year constructed 22 types of ships and means of water transport, mainly ships with 1,000-15,000-tonne capacities, 600cv towboats and 610-1016 TEU container ships.

To meet its customers’ increasing demands, Vinashin has upgraded its Nam Trieu, Bach Dang and Pha Rung shipyards to enable them to build ships with capacities ranging from 30,000-70,000 tonnes. In particular, the corporation has invested in building the Dung Quat shipyard in central Quang Ngai province to construct 100,000-200,000-tonne oil tankers.

It has co-operated with partners from the Republic of Korean, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan to set up joint venture companies to design ships and produce boilers, containers and other equipment for the shipbuilding industry.

Nhan Dan - (12/10/2005)

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