Today: 16 Jan 2005
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Ministry gets tough on commodity control

The Ministry of Trade (MoT) plans to apply strict regulations to businesses involved in commodity-control services to ensure the quality and stability of the domestic commodity control market. MoT Deputy Minister Tran Duc Minh said at a recent seminar in HCM City that commodity control requires highly technical skills, and that its benefits were important for companies and individuals as well as for consumers.

"The domestic commodity control market, however, is very chaotic due to various reasons," he said.

Viet Nam has too many companies involved in the commodity control service, which could make the domestic market spiral out of control," said Ta Hoa Binh, deputy director of the Asia Control Company.

"Each economy should have a limited number of companies that provides commodity control service. Most countries have on average 10 to 15 institutions involved in this business."

Binh said that China has only four to five commodity control service providers.

"Viet Nam now has up to 125 involved entities. It’s a questionable figure."

A unofficial survey made by the Ministry of Trade shows that among the 125 domestic goods control companies, few are effective or have development potential.Many of them were operating by leasing controllers from other companies, the survey said.

The survey makers also said too many goods control companies had resulted in unhealthy competition.

Many participants to the seminar agreed that it was the weak management of the Government’s authorised agencies over this service that had led to the overcrowded market.

Mai Tien Dung, deputy general director of the Export Goods Control Corporation, VinaControl, said authorised agencies need to have effective measures to strictly manage goods control service providers, including a careful check on the granting of licenses.

Binh said agencies should outline appropriate regulations and force service providers to adhere to regulations.

Seminar participants stressed the need to set up an association of commodity control service providers, which would help agencies better manage these kinds of businesses.

They also said an organisation of arbitrators is necessary to settle problems that arise when goods owners or State-management agencies do not agree with the results of assessment companies.

VNS - (06/05/2004)

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