Today: 19 Oct 2007
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Binh Thuan’s Traditional Holiday Elevated to Nghinh Ong Festival

The People’s Committee of Binh Thuan Province will elevate a traditional holiday taking place on August 11-14 into the Nghinh Ong festival which aims to introduce the province’s historical relics, landscapes to domestic and foreign visitors, and promote provincial tourism development.

The festival usually takes place in July of the lunar calendar every two years, signifying popular culture and expressing the spiritual life of Chinese Vietnamese in Phan Thiet. On the occasion, people pray for peace, good crops and weather.

The festival this year will be combined with such other ebullient activities as market gathering, eating and drinking, re-setting up scenes of Chinese and Vietnamese people’ trade in the past and present, “Best Chinese-Vietnamese Dishes” cooking contest, lion dances.

The festival will be attended by Tran Huu Trang Theater with Cai Luong plays (kind of traditional Vietnamese Theatrical Art) of Luong Son Ba-Chuc Anh Dai, Thanh Xa-Bach Xa (Green and White Snakes).

Besides, there are traditional art culture activities, clothing performance of the four Chinese communities from Guang Dong, Chaozhou, Fujian and Hainan.

Sai Gon Giai Phong - (19/07/2006)

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