Today: 10 Nov 2007
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Gong festival to certify cultural heritage

A Gong Festival will be held in Pleiku City in the Central Highlands Province of Gia Lai from March 18 to 19 to celebrate the unique role the gongs play in the cultural heritage of Vietnam.

At the core of the festival will be a ceremony to certify Central Highlands’ Gongs as a UNESCO intangible and orally transmitted cultural heritage.

Taking place in Pleiku City in mid-March, the Gong Festival will reproduce the traditional space of the Central Highlands and traditional melodies will be played by artisans. Fifteen gong troupes from five Central Highlands provinces will perform melodies related to the human life cycle and the cycle of one year in agricultural production.

The Gong Festival is one of several cultural events of 2006 that have been prepared since late 2005 by the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Along with gong performances and the certification ceremony, other notable activities include gong cultural exchange, an exhibition on culture and achievements in the Doi Moi (renovation) period of the Central Highlands, a Vietnamese film week, and others.

VIETNAMNET - (01/03/2006)

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