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Kon Tum builds first culture and health village

The Central Highlands Kon Tum provincial Fatherland Front and the provincial Department of Health chose Nui Vai village, Dak Krong commune, Dak Glei district to be the site of the first culture and health village.

To be recognised as a culture and health village, Nui Vai village must be recognised as a cultural village by the province. In addition, the village has to implement 10 compulsory conditions for community health care, such as prevent epidemics and collective poisonings from occurring in the village, ensure at least 90% of children under one are vaccinated, ensure households build hygienic toilets, and pregnant mothers have regular health check-ups.

To be recognised as a culture and health family, each family has to implement 7 commitments such as to build hygienic toilets and bathrooms, use fresh water, have no members suffering from infectious diseases, have pregnant mothers have at least 3 health check-ups and be vaccinated, and lead a healthy cultural life.

The Kon Tum provincial Department of Health held training courses for all villagers to have knowledge about health care. Local authorities and other committees and agencies also granted materials and taught techniques to build hygienic toilets.

Kon Tum province is scheduled to apply the model of the culture and health village to the whole province.

Communist Party of Vietnam - (12/07/2006)

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