Today: 4 Nov 2007
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Vietnam completes files on Ca Tru for UNESCO recognition

The Vietnamese Music Academy (VMA) has completed documents for UNESCO recognition of Vietnamese Ca Tru (Ceremonial Song) as a World oral and Intangible Heritage, said VMA official Dang Hoanh Loan in a press briefing in Hanoi on June 13.

The VMA has finished a scientific report and three documentary films (the longest running for 100-minute), introducing the history and characteristics of Ca Tru, a traditional singing genre of northern Vietnam, Mr Loan said. A 700-page book, photos and other documents on Ca Tru have been collected.

An international seminar and a Ca Tru gala will be held in Hanoi from June 19-22 as the last step of the preparations, said Dang Hoanh Loan.

The event will see the participation of seven foreign experts from France, Germany, the UK and the US, and Vietnamese researchers and officials from 16 localities with active Ca Tru communities.

The seminar will make insights into the value of Ca Tru in modern life.

Ca Tru originally appeared in northern Vietnam in the 15-16th century.

It first served royal rituals and was sung at royal places, but later was passed down to ordinary people and used in religious ceremonies, banquets, weddings and friendly meetings.

VOV - (14/06/2006)

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