Today: 25 Mar 2005
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Vietnam to have new puppetry theatre

Construction of a new puppetry theatre in Hanoi is underway, which will serve not only as a performance venue but also as a museum, where the country’s traditional art will be preserved.

Vuong Duy Bien, director of the Central Puppetry Theatre, said that the new theatre, which has a total investment of VND 16 billion, will be a high-grade performance venue of international standard.

Director Bien described the new theatre, expected to open in early 2006, as a milestone in the history of puppetry. He elaborated that over the past 48 years, puppeteers have practiced and performed in poor conditions, which has hindered their creativity.

The 200 sq. m. theatre will be in the shape of a communal house. It will have three stories, each story is capable of accommodating 250 spectators.

According to the director, the ground in front of the theatre will be able to serve as an outdoor stage, while the backyard will be a place for displaying and producing puppets.

He revealed that in addition to performances, the theatre will host other activities, including gastronomic art introductions or rural markets.

He added that at present, all artists are working on new puppetry items to prepare for the opening of the theatre.

A performance of the Vietnam National Water Puppetry Theatre

ND - (13/01/2005)

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