Today: 3 Jun 2004
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The last “author” of the mysterious self - revolving tables

A revolving table

That is the eighty – year - old - craftsman, Đinh Tham at Van Ha village, Tam Ky town, Quang Nam province, one of the most famous wood villages in Center, and the cradle of ten of mysterious revolving tables drifting nation wide.

There still exists a revolving table in Thuan Tinh, Hoi An, an ecological traveling areas. Without an engine, several peoples standing barely around this table and put prone hands on the face of table, the table will surprisingly move on the opposite direction. When those peoples shout “run” at the same time this table also obey…No pesonal, organization can explain this enigma.

Fifteen years ago, the first revolving table was found in Tien Phuoc district. The antique traders define that it is made by Van Ha craftsmen. After that, it belonged to a local big antique trader. Early this year, public opinion has rised about another revolving table at Mr Huynh Tuyen house at Tam Thành village. A lot peoples rushed to his house with various aims making the owner hided this table.

Mr Tuyen’s table is described like the twin of the table in Thuan Tinh, even more marvellous because is can “hear” the order in foreign language. Is is regarded as the most quickly table made by Van Ha craftmen hundred year ago. The owner revealed another mystery that it only run with “light soul”, as for “hard soul” like neighborhood, Mr M. when standed in and screamed, it never runed …

According to Quang Nam heritage preservation Center, only Van Ha craftmen were able to creat those table. The village instants also assert that ten of table flooding throughout country all were made by Van Ha craftmen.

Nowaday, there remains only craftman, Đinh Tham, who has passed the eighty year old. Mr Tham confirmed that: “ Only Văn Hà craftmen could creat these tables. I started this wood occupation in 1937, in 1960 my father, uncles and I made revolving table. This is unsufficient furniture in famer families in Quang Nam, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa”. Mr Tham told that, at first he and other craftmen did not know that the table could self-revolve, then discovered by chance, local instants fell enjoyable and continue made orders. Van Ha craftmen continuously made following the same style, without knowing that their “self-revolving” table became precious and famous.

Mr Tham explained simly that “there a Ying and Yang untensil when there is a touch between the table face (made of jack-tree wood) and the human hand (pyrogenetic) to a particular level will make the table revolve). Mr Tham confirmed that he had created 5-7 tables like those when he was young and the raw material is old jack-tree wood, as older as better.

VNCG - (18/05/2004)

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