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A rich Culture of Vietnam

The Vietnamese people have had very old, diversified, and rich in national chaov_lehoi.jpg (12181 bytes)racteristics well-known cultures from time immemorial, such as the ones Nui Do (Thanh Hoa) Son Vi (Phu Tho), Hoa Binh Bac Son, especially the one of Dong Son, that flourished gloriously and was closely connected to the Red river wet rice civilization and the kingdoms of Au Lac, and finally the ones of Sa Huynh and Oc Eo...

Through many historical upheavals, a great number of historical vestiges had been destroyed and lost, but up to now, we still have over 7300 vestiges, more than 1500 among them have been classified. The most well-known old cultural vestiges that still remain such as the Phong Chau vestiges of the Hung Kings, the Co Loa citadel, the My Son Holy Land, the Old Capital City of Hue of minor and great feudalistic regimes, and the most representative centres of history and culture of Vietnam are mainly concentrated in Hanoi which has the greatest vestiges density in the whole nation.

Other aspects of Vietnam culture are realized in the non-material ones such as legends, festivals, customs, music and songs bearing quite particular characteristics. - (25/07/2003)

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