Today: 24 Nov 2007
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Cam Ne mat village

Cam Ne mat village, which is 14 km to the south - west of the center of Danang city, belongs to Hoa Tien village, Hoa Vang district, Danang city. Cam Ne mats were used in the royal palace of Nguyen Dynasty. The artists of Cam Ne village were honored and rewarded by the kings.

According to the old people of this village, mat craft is originated from Hoang Hoa, Thanh Hoa province. It was handed down to the people in the south in the 15th century when Le Thanh Tong won Chiem Thanh and merged Do Ban into Quang Nam - Da Nang.

From that moment till now, having suffered from the ups and downs, the separation of the war, the competition of the imported nylon mat, Cam Ne village still exists peacefully.

With the raw materials like sedge, and the delicate knitting frame, the artists of Cam Ne have made many flowered sedge mats of all sizes with beautiful designs to meet the demands of the market in the north and the south.

The Came Ne mats is much thicker, better, softer than the ones in other places.

Especially in the hot summer, lying on the Cam Ne mats, you will feel cool, and in the winter, you will feel warm with the pure fragrance of sedge.

The Cam Ne mat Village is near the peaceful rivers, Yen Ne "nong ro" village, La Bong conical hat village.

Da Nang - (24/02/2006)

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