Today: 19 Mar 2005
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Hanoi in 2005

Hoan Kiem lake

Hanoi streets are more crowed during the final days of the Year of the Monkey. The cold weather does seem to leave its mark on the face of the people in the streets. We have been through a year full of events, from the 50th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu victory to 50th anniversary of liberation of Hanoi.

The city’s economy is growing fast, at more than 11% in the 2000-2004 period from 4.48% average for the period of 1986-1990. The city’s total GDP is equivalent to that of 45% of all Red River delta provinces combined together. The city is now building more industrial zones and industrial production growth rate of the city increased to an average of 20% per year during the 2001-2004 period. The city now has more than 2,000 businesses and is having trade relation with more than 161 countries and territories around the world.

New high rises buildings are seen nearly everywhere in the city. Hanoi builds about 1.45 million square metres of housing space a year for 2003 and 2004. The supply of water, electricity and other public services are more stable and better. The city’s phone per 100 inhabitant reached 30 in 2004 and it would be correct to say that telecommunication system development is the most impressive part of development of Hanoi.

I am willing to add a few more words on new projects planned for Hanoi in 2005 with total investment capital of more than VND 22,500 billion. These include a safe water plant with intake of fresh water from the Red River. The project is capitalized at 42 million euros (about VND 800 billion) and it is expected that two years from now, the city will no longer be thirsty for safe water anymore (if the plant goes ahead as planned). There will be two new bridges crossing the Red River in 2005 apart from the construction of Thanh Tri Bridge in 2004. These are among eight bridges crossing the Red River in Hanoi. The city will also sees the return of tram with a project to build 11.87 km of special road for the tram. Blueprint for a high tech zone for the city is also available for assessment and it is considered a huge luck for development of Hanoi when the zone is in operation.

Hanoi streets at the end of the year are often more crowded. We have been through a year of hard work and are proud of what we have done. King Ly Thai To, the founder of Hanoi would smile at us and be happy with the achievement of the capital he built a thousand years ago.

There are more to be done from now until the 1000th anniversary of the founding of Hanoi despite of the impressive achievements we had so far. The city needs each of us doing our best to contribute to build it into the heartland of the country.

ND - (07/02/2005)

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