Today: 12 Nov 2005
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Wandering about Ngoan Muc Pass for pleasure

The 18-kilometre pass, snaking through the mountain sides linking Ninh Son valley with Lang Biang plateau, has many legends related to an itinerary discovering Da Lat city.

To many tourists, each time they cross Ngoan Muc pass, the wild nature and the imposing scene of the pass is bound to make an impression on them.

In 1893, A. Yersin discovered Da Lat. Four years later, in the plan to build the city, Governor-general Doumer sent a group to draw a map and open a road from Phan Rang to Da Lat. Under the leadership of captain Thouars, the group mapped out a 122-kilometre route from Phan Rang through Gon village (former name of Ninh Son valley), valleys of Dran (Don Duong), Da Nhim, Klong, Prenn to Da Lat. The route included a road (current Ngoan Muc pass) and a railway completed in 1917.

Passing the 18-kilometre pass, tourists experience different climate characteristics. If they start from the foot of the pass, they will feel that the temperature is gradually falling through the change of the ecological system. The appearance of pine trees and wild sunflowers along two sides of the pass remind tourists to wear warm clothes because the weather is getting colder.

The pass flows smoothly and softly through mountain ranges and hills to shape a round of waves and layers of roads which can be clearly seen from the top of the pass. Seeing the scene from a sharp bend called Eo Gio at the height of 1,500 metres, the pass looks like a thread running through mountains, valleys, house roof tops and trees. The thread is called Highway 27, running to the plain and the sea.

Nearly a century has gone by, although the pass has been widened, the wild scene and grass fragrance of the Ngoan Muc Pass still reminds tourists of the past.

Climbing the pass by motorbike in the morning, tourists easily feel dizzy because of foggy clouds. In winter afternoons, tourists can view forests in different colours, looking like a masterpiece of nature. Climbing the pass in the moon-lit night, an illusory space appears in the middle of the vast mountains and forests.

The Ngoan Muc Pass has become an interesting road from Da Lat to Phan Rang for tourists to go by bicycle or motorbike

ND - (09/12/2004)

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