Today: 25 Dec 2005
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A natural giant rock garden

A small bamboo boat is surfing smoothly on the transparent water, and gradually disappearing into green underground trench. Only the sounds of wild birds and rowing oars are heard, giving me a peaceful feeling.

Entering the Ham Ho resort in Binh Dinh Province, tourists seem to leave behind the mundane world and enjoy views of magnificent mountains, small and big stones, brooks murmuring down through forests and mountains along the undulating terrain.

The resort is surrounded by high mountains, primeval forests and deep blue sky. All has turned the Ham Ho resort into a giant rock garden in the middle of nature.

Ham Ho is an ideal place for young holiday makers at weekends. Almost everything there is kept wild in the middle of high mountains and thick forests. The Kut River, a tributary of the Kon River, flows from the upstream through forest of high trees and rocky mountains, creating charming natural scenery.

During the resistance war against French colonialists, this was a military base where revolutionary Mai Xuan Thuong of the Royalist Movement (an anti-French colonialist movement in the late 19th century) stayed. Ham Ho Joint Stock Company has been allowed to make the resort a destination for tourists.

The company has invested VND 2.5 billion in the first phase to turn it into an eco-tourism resort. Ham Ho is adjacent to many well-known historical sites such as Quang Trung Museum, Cham towers and a worship hall of generals Bui Thi Xuan and Va Van Dung under the reign of the Tay Son dynasty.

Ham Ho resort is a must for those who want to enjoy adventures on the wild.

VNS - (15/09/2004)

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