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More diversity seen in Vietnam’s cultural lifestyle

The Party and State have always attached importance to culture and defined culture as a momentum and target for development, which also serves as a spiritual basis for the society.

From such awareness, culture has been developing together with economic development. Although the country is still experiencing difficulties, the development of an advanced culture is given due attention. The movement to build new cultural lifestyles has received wide responses of people from all walks of life.

At the same time, the revival of traditional festivals and the restoration of historical and traditional relics have been implemented nationwide, with 2,837 relics being restored. Many of Vietnam’s treasures have been recognised as world intangible and tangible heritages, including the ancient city of Hue, Ha Long Bay, My Son religious relics, Phong Nha-Ke Bang cave, Hue royal court music, or Tay Nguyen Gong Music.

All 54 different ethnic groups in Vietnam boast different cultural treasures, and they are all honoured. In the north, you can witness the dances by the Thai, or the sound from khen flute and singings by the Tay. In the Central Highlands, the gong music and local festivals amaze tourists.

The artistic values of those ethnic groups have also been introduced to people in major cities like Hanoi, when different cultural days of various ethnic groups in the central highlands, Northern mountainous area or Mekong Delta were held in Hanoi in recent years.

There are more and more cultural products that meet the needs of various people from various groups. Literature and Arts, the essences of culture, have been the soul food for the people. The Party and State have always attached importance to developing a contingent of qualified artists and writers, with billions Vietnamese dong worth of investment each year. Vietnamese Literature and Arts are showing signs of hope.

Last year alone, Vietnam has published 17,057 books, and there is a variety of literature for various types of readers. Paintings in different schools have also blossomed, and artists have a space for their creations. Vietnamese movies have also gained international recognition, when many films have been awarded with prizes at international film festivals. Some Vietnamese film makers have also been invited as jurors at prestigious events.

Vietnamese music has also seen a facelift. In the past, many Vietnamese had to buy music from overseas, but now, many overseas Vietnamese are returning to Vietnam to buy CDs. Traditional music, symphonic and modern music are developing in parallel.

As the country opens its door to the world, every year, various art troupes are going abroad to present Vietnam’s unique art to the world. Vietnam’s traditional water puppetry has been warmly welcomed by the international public.

After 20 years of renewal, Vietnamese culture has seen various changes, but they all aim at developing an advanced Vietnamese culture strongly imbued with national identity.

Nhan Dan - (17/04/2006)

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