Chrysler New Car Prices: 2011 Fiat 500

Article: Chrysler New Car Prices: 2011 Fiat 500

The new Fiat 500 seems to have lived up to the expectations of the consumer guides with good reviews coming from them. The compact sized car supposedly uses very little gas to travel greater distances and has a super cute retro look. Fiat had gone to the background for a certain period of time with more popular companies coming up with better models. However, that was almost about 25 years ago. Fiat is back once again with a healthy rate of sales in the competitive market of today. Sergio Marchionne, an Italian-Canadian turnaround had taken over the as the CEO in the year 2004. It is believed that it is since then that the company had a change of events making a dramatic comeback. Recently, Fiat had made an alliance with the famous automobile company Chrysler. Since then, it has been predicted that it will make a huge difference to both the companies making playing a significant role in the change in the years to come.

There is bit of doubts in the minds of the guides about its on road experience and performance and also its long term reliability. However, it is said to be in standards with other U.S car models that have a good reputation for both import and export standards.

The BMW mini is considered its nearest rival in the market at present among the premium small cars. The Chrysler new car prices are expected to be fairly low with 130 Fiat dealers in about 37 states. There shall also be programs meant for customers who might face trouble with their cars. They can seek help from their nearest dealership that will be set up in the states.

The Fiat 500 has also been awarded the Consumer’s Best Buy Award for the year 2011. Sources have also said that in the urge to increase their sales in the market, Chrysler new car prices will remain relatively low. Even the price of its smallest car is expected to go down by $3000 to a price of $12995.

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